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Workshop 2017

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General Information

The PUMA workshop 2017 takes place in Bayrischzell from Monday, September 4th to Wednesday, September 6th.


The workshop is organized at the Alpenhof in Bayrischzell.

Getting there

We suggest the following connection from Munich on Sunday 3rd

  • 16:59: Take the BOB 86883 from Munich Central to Osterhofen (Oberbayern)

For those arriving on Monday Morning, we suggest

  • 6:57: Take the BOB 86805 from Munich Central to Osterhofen (Oberbayern)

Make sure you arrive on time.


  • The schedule can be found at Workshop_Talks_2017
  • Depending on the weather we may decide on Tuesday afternoon to climb on some mountain (or the like). If you want to participate in such physical exercise, please bring your walking boots!


The "pauschaler Dienstreiseantrag" has already been dealt with by Frau Sommer.