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Workshop 2016

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General Information

The PUMA workshop 2016 takes place at St. Martin in Passeier near Meran from October 10th to October 14th.


The workshop is organized at the Martinerhof in St. Martin.

Getting there

We suggest the following connection from Munich on Monday 10th

  • 11:37: Take the EC 87 from Munich Central to Bozen (arrives at 15:27)
  • 15:35: Take the R 23807 from Bozen to Meran (arrives at 16:15)

From Meran Central Station, we will organize Taxis to the Martinerhof. If you plan on taking a different connection, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Getting back

We suggest the following connection from Munich on Friday 14th

  • 11:16: Take the R 20716 from Meran to Bozen (arrives at 11:59)
  • 12:34: Take the EC 80 from Bozen to Munich Central (arrives at 16:25)

We will again organize Taxis from the Martinerhof to Meran.


  • The schedule can be found here
  • A shorter overview of the schedule can be found here
  • The book of abstracts of the talks can be found here
  • There will be a tour of the brewery and the wine/beer cellar on Wednesday afternoon.